Updated time table


April 28 – May 20

  • Getting familiar with community communication tools including IRC and mailing list.
  • Learn how to make RPM packages and use Online Build Service.
  • Discuss with mentor, learn openSUSE package procedure, adjust timetable under the guidance of mentor.

May 21 – June 15

  • Manually install Eucalyptus, accumulate the configuration experience.
  • Packaging for Eucalyptus, and document it.

June 15 – July 10

  • Manually install CloudStack, accumulate the configuration experience.
  • Packaging for CloudStack, and document it.

July 11 – July 28

  • Time cache for the previous tasks, if time available, install and document for OpenStack.

July 29

  • Midterm evaluation

July 30 – August 25

  • Test packages on clusters rather than local machine.
  • Verify and modify packages, update documentation.

August 26 – September 5

  • Push new packages to Online Build Service.
  • Edit wiki page, put documentation on wiki.

September 6 – September 16

  • Discuss with mentor, verify level of completeness and summarize finished work.
  • Discuss the future maintenance of these packages and documentations.



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